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Love It Or Hate it, Instagram's New Logo Is So Internet Right Now

 Instagram revealed a new, updated design for themselves yesterday and naturally, many good people of the Internet lost it. (The New York Times NYT -0.73% called the resulting online explosion of strong opinions, jokes, GIFs and virtual hand-wringing a “freakout.”)
Gone was the leather-clad vintage camera icon Instagram had been rocking since launch five years ago and in its place glowed an abstract but simple graphic of a camera laid over a color gradient taken from the 90’s. As a icon change the new one caters to the current web aesthetic — but the critics aren’t having it.
Tim Nudd of ADWEEK called it “a travesty” and he joined a chorus of others wondering if it could be changed back. The Guardian’s Hannah Jane Parkinson was equally unkind, describing it as if “the camera was murdered, and chalk was drawn around its body. Murdered at sundown.”
As scary as change is, Instagram was long overdue for a logo change; Instagram’s icon stopped looking like it belonged on the Internet yearsago.
When the company started in 2010, the service was all about giving your photos a “vintage feel” via filters and back then a vintage leather-clad camera as an icon made sense, and was cool, to the techno-hipsters and youngish professionals on the platform. But in 2016? That community has changed. There’s brands, visual artists and celebrities on Instagram,  but most importantly,  there are teens. Teens!  Tons of them. You know, the people born after 2000? And they love love loveInstagram — it’s their social media of choice next to Snapchat and Tumblr. The defunct camera in a fake leather case means nothing to them, nor does the whole concept of posting on Instagram to give their photos a “vintage feel.” They’ve grown up with filters — how can that even be vintage?   

21 Secrets for Your Business Success

1. Dream Big Dreams:
Visualize, imagine and create an exciting picture of personal wealth and prosperity. Your thoughts create your reality;)
2. Develop a Clear Sense of Direction:Set a powerful, proven goal-setting exercise that can change your life. Aim high!
3. See Yourself As Self-Employed: You are the one who should control of your career and your financial life. Start doing that now!
4. Do What You Love To Do: 
Enjoy your life, enjoy your job – this is what we are living for. Identify the ideal work for you and then get paid well for doing it.
5. Commit to Excellence: How to move into the top 10% in your field and be paid more than ever before. Do your best! 6. Work Longer and Harder: Organize your time so you get more done and contribute more value.
7. Dedicate Yourself to Lifelong Learning: Continually upgrade your talents and abilities to earn more money. Learn like it is the first day in your life.
8. Pay Yourself First: 
The most powerful process of wealth accumulation ever discovered. Stop paying others first – start with yourself.
9. Learn Every Detail of the Business: Become an expert in your chosen field and double your income. Ifyou want to be the best in your business – you must be an expert.
10. Dedicate Yourself to Serving Others: The starting point of all personal fortunes. Our life is nothing if we live just for ourselves. Every idea should bring something better to this world. 11. Be Absolutely Honest With Yourself and Others: Personal integrity goes hand in hand with financial success. Lies will never make you rich and happy.
12. Set Priorities and Concentrate Single-mindedly: 
Focus on your most important tasks all day long. Concentration is the first and the main step to your productivity.
13. Develop a Reputation for Speed and Dependability: 
Learn to give yourself the winning edge in everything you do. Be dependable, be real.
14. Be Prepared to Climb From Peak to Peak: Recognize the cycles and trends that can make you rich. Keep your hand on pulse.
15. Practice Self-Discipline In All Things: 
Develop the most important quality for financial success.
16. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity: Learn how to solve any problem, overcome any obstacle, achieve any goal
17. Get Around The Right People: 
Surround yourself with winners at each stage of your career.
18. Take Excellent Care of Your Physical Health: 
Develop and maintain high levels of energy and fitness. Be in harmony with your body.
19. Be Decisive and Action Oriented: 
Identify the most important action steps you can take immediately. And Act!
20. Never Allow Failure To Be An Option: 
Overcome your fears. Fear is just an illusion. Learn not to never fail, but learn to rise every time you fail.
21. Never Give Up: Learn to bounce back from defeat and never, never give up. So, are you already doing the first steps to you millions? Or maybe you are ordering the book to learn some more? Or maybe these tips are not new for you and you have your own secrets to share?😉