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Learn HTML: Beginners Guide to Making a Web Page

Web Site Planning: Avoid Beginner Mistakes

  • Check Points: What you should know before you start building a site.
  • Navigation strategies: Planning ahead can spare you trouble later on.
  • Content: Developing content people want to see and will praise you for.
  • Structure: Getting your site right the first time is faster than doing it over.

Basic Text Formatting

Introduction to CSS

  • CSS Part I: Learn why you should be using Cascading Style Sheets.
  • CSS Part II: Inline, embedded, and external CSS concepts are explained.
  • CSS Part III: How to the implement inline, embedded and linked CSS.
  • CSS Part IV: The cascading order: how browser's resolve conflicting styles.

Color, Backgrounds, and Images

Links and Server Paths

HTML Tables

  • HTML Tables: An overview of designing with HTML tables.
  • HTML Table Tags: All the HTML table tags you need to create precision tables.

Creating Lists

  • Creating Lists: How to present information using different kinds of lists.
  • Image Bullets: How to use custom image bullets with HTML lists.

Form Tricks

Other Web Design Tutorials

JavaScript Tutorials

HTML Color

Reference Charts and Webmaster Utilities